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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


YIT on saturday was a disaster for me, wanted to win so badly till i was totally off form and sprained my ankle twice. my worst match ever. killed the chance of the team scoring tries. I really dont know what on earth was i doing. with last match fighting for 5th with NP, match ended up in sudden death. seeing the opponent run thru us and the ball touch the try line, my heart sank. yet again we lose.
looking at other team capt and took a look at myself, i dont even have half of their ability.
Im sorry team, i disappointed all of you.

Friday, June 04, 2010

third run

Sundown last saturday was my third 10km run. a word to describe the run is AWESOME! its been a long time i have this feeling. much better timing this time round, clocking in at 1hour 11min. shaving off 9 min from my last run. doing those fitness helps i guess. the first 2km was super hyper, after which energy started draining off. reaching the 5km mark abs started to feel damn wrong. staring at the sky of changi coast road watching plane fly across my head, i just feel like chasing those plane. crossing the finishing line was the best feeling, feeling that sense of achievement all tiredness was worth while. BEST RUN WITH BEST RUNNING MATES!

Filling our stomach at xinwang cafe after run, oh just make me feel that my run was wasted again. but who cares at least i did burnt some fats before loading it. nice night spend.

im already looking forward to next run, 7.5km cancer run. why is running so addictive? im loving it!

meph, eunice, sam, me ( spot my ugly tan lines)

Friday, May 21, 2010

so many things just happened
its like unlimited
getting this done
yet another come in
perhaps that's life
im not born to please everyone
the best i can do is just comprimise
i don't owe you a living
i start to hate this shit
all i can do is
hoping for the better
counting down the days
i just want to be normal

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hmmmm where shld i get started frm??? ok frm my passion

done with sp junior touch, had friendly match with tjc, xlb outing, club crawl and ya of cos the on off on off training. learning abit here and there from others, but im still as sucky as ever like never seems to improve. having my down days in touch, dun feel motivated to go for trg at all and even having thoughts of quitting. well but i still have passion in this sport.
someone motivated me and asked me to hang on there.
juniors coming in on wed so training shld be damn slack.

school wise, A1 is done with their chalet which is ultra fun TTM! love them lots lar! school starts we are now seperated into our different specialisation. which make me feel damn sad that my classmate are all seperated, some are alone. im considered lucky having 4 classmate with me and few of others frm nxt class that i know. 1st week of school is down, im feeling bored and pressured the things are no longer the same. lecturer no longer spoon feed u. to best desribe it, the feeling is worst than doing fitness training. well, nothing comes easy its just 1 year and i will get my ass out of here. HANG ON GRACE!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

and so after super long time finally went cycling on thurs with babe, eunice and julia. 6 hours of power pack cycling. from mac to lagoon to jetty to big splash to changi village. AWESOME! crazily at changi coast rd we started chasing aeroplane, thinking that we could cycle faster than the plane. journey back to ecp was hell, ass hurts like kanna mass fuck as quoted from babe haha... nice time spend with them having lots of fun!

sp junior touch in hours time, shall blog again later...

quoted from haikel's fb:
~ Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more. ~ Are you willing to die the extra inch for your teammates ?
yeah i do!

Monday, March 29, 2010

results are out quite sucky but gpa increased again wohoooo!!! HAPPY SHIT! 3 B+ 1 B and the rest are crap. 2 more sem to go, FYP gonna be the major one 22 credit. if gotten a A for that i can happy go fly kite hahha. went for ben and jerry's free cone day to make myself satisfied since im craving for ice cream.

gymed on wed before trg . trg was quite ok except for the beginning. 5 sets of suicides which almost killed me, I HATE FITNESS! did usual stuff loop switch 2v1 3v2, love the smell of the grass. i cant stop laughing over those blogshop models pose, somehow thru out the whole training they were posing those failed posed. i ended training with a epic moment! total embarassment!

dinner at pan pacific's Zambuca on a thurs night. love the place the ambience. followed by a movie How to train your dragon at illuma. thanks for everything, and i think my driving skill is better. you and ur techno songs. guess wont be seeing u around so soon. you take care =D

3 more weeks to school reopen and of cos to the bidding farewell of the stupid triangle plate!

Monday, March 22, 2010


im done with exams, back from camp and New Zealand. and irritating results is coming out in hours time. anticipating yet scared. year 3 here i come!
touch trng resume but instead of wed is sat now. rad wasnt there her fren albert took over. did ball handling as only 6 peeps appear. pathetic huh? hopefulli more come nxt week im itchy for game. audrey went back to touch like finally after months of mia. so nice to see my teamates once again, looking forward to sat trng.
skills rusty time to sharpen and i need to stop dropping balls. lots of new frens made for the past few weeks, funny and wonderful bunch. they motivated me along...